Non Surgical Hair Grafting Transplant

Today we are able to attach non-growing hair to either one’s scalp or to adjoining hair so that without pain, or, waiting for months or years men and women can have the hair they desire immediately!

Bio Matrix Grafts may be attached either directly to the scalp or to adjoining hair.  Grafting adhesive that is medically approved can hold the hair in place for as long as six weeks in many cases.  Normal activities have no effect on these grafts and you can be as confident as if the grafts were surgically attached. No matter how large of an area is in need of additional hair the bio matrix grafts are the solution.

Bio Skin Grafts are only attached to the scalp.  As with Bio Matrix Grafts  a medically approved grafting adhesive is used.

So what happens when the grafts seem to be loosening?  It’s time to have them cleaned and reattached.  This normally takes about an hour. If you need your growing hair trimmed or colored this can be done at the same time.

Non surgical solutions are truly amazing and are less expensive than surgical procedures. And you can have the hair you really want without waiting.