Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is an approved treatment for androgenic hair loss; hair loss associated with genetic cause.

For men and women experiencing early signs of hair loss and up to fifty percent of  diffused hair loss laser hair therapy gives excellent results.  However, the results do not happen overnight!  It will take up to six months of regular at home use of either a laser cap or laser comb/brush to see significant results.  At your consultation we will explain which device would work best for you.  You can research laser therapy on the internet and even see what a laser cap or comb/brush device looks like.  Are all laser devices created equally? No!  Buyer beware.  We will guide you to the best manufacturer because there are many laser devices that are worthless.  If you are going to spend first money and then time on a laser device lets make sure you get one that will work the best!

Deep Follicle Cleansing (In Studio)

We use the product, Hair Support, which includes an in studio mask that pulls out of the hair follicle impurities such as gel and hairspray residue which can build up and block hair growth as well as the Hair Support at home overnight treatment and daily shampoo.  This product alone has helped many men and women with early stages of hair loss and works well with the laser treatments.