Below are the most frequently asked questions about Cyberhair© from our clients. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

QUESTION: Are there any restrictions on activity?
ANSWER: No. There are absolutely no restrictions on activity. In fact, Cyberhair® will give you more freedom to enjoy life than you had before. Cyberhair® will re-introduce you to parts of your life you let go of when you hair began thinning.

QUESTION: Is it okay to use blow dryers to style my hair with Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: Cool blow dryers can be used but are not necessary to maintain your style. You don’t have to “fuss” with this hair. Go for a swim, take a shower and go out for the night… you don’t have to do the whole style routine to look great.

QUESTION: What type of shampoo and conditioner is needed to maintain Cyberhair?
ANSWER: Your Certified Cyberhair® Technician will recommend an exclusive line of Cyberhair® C-Formula Products especially designed to keep your Cyberhair® healthy. It doesn’t take much to keep Cyberhair® looking its best.

QUESTION: Can I go to any Beauty Salon or Barber?
ANSWER: No. You should only use a Certified Cyberhair® Technician. There are Certified Cyberhair® Technicians all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

QUESTION: Can I perm, color, foil, or relax my hair with Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: Yes, you can. However, Cyberhair® has color and style memory. What you do to your own natural growing hair will be affected by these processes but your Cyberhair® will not be affected.

QUESTION: Does exposure to the sun effect Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: No. Cyberhair® will not discolor or break when exposed to the sun.

QUESTION: Will chlorinated water affect Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: No. Cyberhair® will not discolor or break even if you swim daily.

QUESTION: Do I need a special brush or comb for styling my hair with Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: Your Certified Cyberhair® Technician will provide you with a special brush for all your needs and will recommend the proper the tools for the hairstyle you have chosen.

QUESTION: Do I need to use special pillowcases and towels with Cyberhair®?
ANSWER: Special pillows and towels are not required, but to protect your investment, you can ask your Certified Cyberhair® Technician about the Satinique Pillowcase and Friction Free Towel which will increase the life of Cyberhair® as well as take stress off your hair.