Hair replacement expert and salon owner, Carl Walters, and his staff at Carl Walters Hair Systems have been serving the Central Florida area for 44 years with their industry leading non-surgical and surgical hair replacement solutions.

As the first salon in Central Florida to offer hair replacement services, the team at Carl Walters Hair Systems has a dedicated client base of both local and international clients. Carl Walters has become a hair replacement advocate and educator, appearing on multiple talk shows and news programs to help teach the community about the totally natural look and feel of the industry’s newest and most cutting edge non-surgical hair replacement options.

Helping both men and women regain confidence and feel good again, Carl Walters Hair Systems creates personalized solutions for each and every single client, ensuring that each client walks out of the salon with hair that makes them feel healthier, happier, and younger.

At Carl Walters Hair Systems all consultations and services are private and confidential. We guarantee that you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed in our studio.

Are you ready to stop feeling held back by your hair loss?

Carl Walters Hair Solutions has a variety of both non-surgical and surgical hair loss solutions.


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